Tuesday, June 10, 2014

yogi luv

june gloom is in full effect here in SoCal. i remember waking up the day after i arrived here and it was cloudy. i freaked out and called my friend immediately who assured me it was just "june gloom". even though we have about 350 days of sunshine, those one or two that aren't still bum me out. nice to have an excuse to stay inside for the day though and finish my "orange is the new black" binging. off to phoenix tomorrow where there will be plenty of sun and heat!



Monday, June 9, 2014

yoga for hope

saturday morning i had the pleasure of attending the 4th San Diego Yoga for Hope. i had heard about this via FB from a fellow yoga teacher who also happens to be a cancer survivor and eagerly recruited some friends to attend with me. big yoga events can often be a let down as it's incredibly difficult to lead such a large group and to keep things organized but this event proved them all wrong. they offered a discounted rate for teachers so i took advantage and signed up a few days before the event. attendees could also sign up on a team and set fundraising goals. i chose not to fundraise this time around as i had never been before and i usually try to do one big ABTA event a year and hate to hit up friends too many times a year.

i forgot to mention one of the best parts of this event! it was held at Petco Park! the Padres beautiful home field! i actually went to the game the night before so i was kind of dreading heading back down town early on a Saturday but i had made it an early night and rose early excited to start my day with yoga with a friend. upon arrival there were lots of booths giving the usual yogi freebies; water, granola bars, and essential oils. we got in just as the event started and were towards the back of the field but could see the stage via the jumbotron. several instructors who had coordinated the event spoke and shared their personal stories with cancer and what prompted to create the event. the top fundraiser was given an award bringing in a whooping $5000. then a beautiful women got up to speak about her cancer journey. i am not sure of the specific type of cancer she has but she has had to relearn how to walk and had multiple rods put in her to replace her femur bones. after recuperating from all of this she went on to complete half marathons and continue her yoga practice. she recently found out that she has to undergo more radiation due to the another tumor found near her foot. as the tears rolled down her cheeks, i don't think there was a dry eye in the place. this woman was truly inspirational for all that she has overcome and for getting up there to share her story when it was so very raw in her heart.

one of the most touching parts of the class came next. the speaker announced that she would be asking a series of questions and to start ringing your bell that we were given upon entry into the event when the question applied to you. she started by asking that those who were currently undergoing chemo/radiation ring their bell... those that were one year survivors... those that were two survivors... those that were five year survivors and on... and eventually invited everyone who had been touched by cancer to start ringing their bell. As you can imagine, the whole class was ringing their bell in unison.

shortly after we started a wonderful yoga class suitable for everyone and allowed for a great  workout under the warm morning sun. i was thankful to spend this morning with a friend to raise money for cancer and support the yoga community that has all been affected by cancer. usually i think about my events/activities leaving matt shaking his head at me, he was always a little more "reasonable" than me and didn't agree with all my new age yogi ways but this one, he would have loved. doing yoga on the field of petco park was the perfect way to dedicate a practice to matt.

 the studio for the day
 strong like warriors
 yogi toes
 yoga for hope 2014
me and meg! 



Sunday, June 8, 2014

happy one year sandan-versary to me!

well todays the day! it marks the one year anniversary of me moving out to this wonderful magical paradise, San Diego! i had been out here a couple of times before i moved out here and mostly fell in love with the weather and of course the close proximity of the ocean. in those few days that i had been here, it must have simply made my should happy and it has for this whole past year. i finished my week long drive out here one year ago per my Facebook status, "i made it. kind of want to cry from exhaustion, but i made it". I pulled into my new apartment complex with my dog and my fully packed car hoping to start a new life. i lived on an air mattress holding my breath waiting for my belongings from my old life to arrive. i made my first place out hera a kind of home before deciding that i needed to be closer to the beach and making that my real home. i clinged to lifelong friends, friends from another chapter of my life, and made tons of new ones. somehow...despite it all... i made a new life for myself, one that makes me very happy. i even found love again. thank you san diego. thank you for making me realize that i could live again. and that i could love again. and of course for never-ending 70 degree and sunny days and daily sunsets that never ever look the same!

a few of my favorite moments from the past year...

 waiting for our stuff to arrive... but i guess really we don't need that much stuff
 making time to relax though
 first visitor! a fellow widow from chicago to attend Widow Camp
 lila loving the shade
 one of many
second group of visitors! college bests in old town
 opening day in del mar betting on "this one's for mel"
 one of our first of many hikes up cowles mountain to enjoy the view of our new city
 gotta do yoga by the sea
 and take advantage of the year round perfect weather with a garden
 love going to see the padres at petco!
mom's first visit and my first visit to balboa park
 auzzie friend visiting to celebrate matt's friend's nuptials in SD
 another OB sunset
 more guests! first wine tasting in temecula
and more yoga by the sea with my auntie
 first NFL game!
full moon hike on mt. laguna
 hiking with lila to a "waterfall" SD style
 lila's halloween costume for all the children of the 80's
 lifelong bestie and i celebrating matt's birthday with some music he would think i was crazy for listening to!
 lots of baths with lots of trips to the beach
 we loved chilling our first balcony overlooking the trolley
another hike to the top of mt. woodson
 pearl jam concert!

 first thanksgiving away from home in big bear with new friends!
 who knew the desert was freezing! december in joshua tree
our first cali christmas with our first real tree
see real real christmas trees in idyllwld
mom's christmas visit... no day after sales for us!
 more tasting in temecula
 watching the pack with friends!
 ringing in the new year
 moving out
to the beach
making it feel like home
 but still getting stuck every once in awhile
 camping and yoga in the desert
 catalina island
 10 mile hike across the island
 Zumba Convention with the best roomie ever!
 enjoying a sunset beer
 still doing yoga
and still watching sunsets
 my wonderful Zumba class
 neighborly walks to the beach
 getting a tattoo in honor of the two year sadiversary of matt's death
 st. patty's day SD style
 easter SD style
 finding a place to teach yoga
 more mountain hikes with friends
half marathon relay!

it was so fun looking back on all the amazing adventures the past year has given me...

and i can't wait to see what the next year holds...

namaste San Diego