Monday, March 9, 2015

three years ago today...

on this day three years ago, the world lost a great man. i went back through my previous sad-aversary posts and i said it before and i will say it again, it's simply unbelievable. my life was in complete turmoil three years ago today. i had been caring for Matt day and night for the previous few months before he quietly passed away that evening as we drifted off to sleep. i stayed in chicago for the next year before taking that trek across the world and spent this day two years ago in Bali chasing a dream and finding gratitude in a pretty awful situation. last year, i was well on my way of building a new life here in San Diego and commemorated the day by having an infinity tattooed on my foot with matt's and my initials. today, i am celebrating the sale of my condo. the magnitude of me selling our home the day before his passing has not gone unnoticed and i think he had a lot to do with it. there were many tears shed yesterday but also laughs as i closed out an amazing weekend filled with a date night with my fiancee, a bridal shower hosted by one of my oldest friends, and a relaxing sunday with biking, beaching, and crafting. i slept in late today, the time change really seemed to get me and i probably just needed that extra hour of sleep on this emotional day. tonight i am planning to spread some of matt's ashes in the Pacific. i haven't done this yet but have been meaning to and today seems just right. then kyle and i are going to have some pizza in matt's honor because he always loved finding a good slice of za.

please enjoy that extra piece of pizza today, even if you are on a wedding diet... you never know what tomorrow will bring...

this is the last pic i have of matt... he was resting so peaceful with the best doggie in the world in our beautiful condo

offerings seen two years ago today in Bali

sometimes pain can make you smile

a beautiful sunset at my bridal shower this weekend