Monday, June 10, 2013

Greetings from SD!

Well I made it. I drove the 2000+ miles out to the west coast. It took me about a week with some fun stops in between and I would recommend this drive to anyone. I didn't get too crazy with it and never drove more than 10 hours in a day. I had two main stops; Arkansas and Sedona. I also stopped one night in Amarillo which included a scary motel stay. After the notel motel, I was happy to get on the road and get to Sedona where I upgraded and stayed at a beautiful resort with an infinity pool displaying the beautiful rock formations. 

Sedona wins the prize as the most beautiful place I have ever been in the US and rivals some of the other worldly beauty I have seen. Arriving on Thursday evening and passing through multiple time zones, I just rested by the pool the first night. The next morning I got to try a Kundalini Yoga class at the resort before heading out for a day of hiking. Rounding out the night out at a local winery pretty much makes for a perfect day for me. Lila got to join me on most activities as this is a very dog friendly town. She didn't join me at the winery though, Mama need a night out! I don't know if I entered any of the said vortexes but my mood was certainly elevated and I met some high vibe people. I didn't even touch on the surface of what this town has to offer with many many psychics, hiking trails, and organic food. At only seven hours across the desert from SD, I will be back. 

I woke on Saturday to pull myself from the R&R canyon of Sedona to finish the drive. I had to get to the leasing office by closing time so I significantly limited my hydration and put the pedal to the metal which was difficult with the rolling mountains of the desert and border patrol. I made it by about 5pm and was exhausted. I quickly signed the lease and rushed into the place only to realize I had to bring all my belongings in which wasn't easy with numerous hallways and a parking garage between me and my air mattress. The white walls of the barren apartment hit me hard and I was overwhelmed. Still am but it's getting better each day. How the hell did my life come to this? Arriving to the other side of the country in a small apartment with no one to help me carry all my crap (for those of you in SD I know I could have called you but conversation wasn't an option in this infuriated state). I was in despair. I persevered, blew up the air mattress (thankfully a friend of Matt's got us a luxury one for our wedding), cried, and went to sleep. I knew things would be better in the morning. After two nights, a rest by the pool, and a visit with a BFF from  back in the day, things are looking up again. I imagine after going to Coronado beach today, I will be back in full limitless love of SoCal! 

Dinner at the fancy restaurant in Arkansas (aka the Supper Club)

Lila and I going through Oak Creek

Headstand in Sedona!

Jumping in Sedona!



Wednesday, June 5, 2013

on the road again

I am waking up this first wednesday of June excited to not only continue my journey out west but to also participate in my first ever widow blog hop. For those of you that are new to blog hops, the basic idea is to check out everyone's blog and share what you have to say. As cliche as it may sound, I have realized over the past year how important it is to just have someone who understands where you are coming from. As I start my life in San Diego, I have already joined a support group and will be attending Camp Widow West to meet additional widows and widowers. If you are interested in checking out the blog hop, check out the blog list here...

For those of you that are participating in the blog hop and don't know me, I have moved on from the home that Matt and I shared in Chicago to travel and move out to San Diego. I am currently en route setting off from Arkansas to end in Texas today. As I continue my drive out west, I realize I haven't mentioned Matt's name in my last few posts. It's not that I don't think of him. In fact, every night before I go to sleep, I remember what it was like to have Matt snuggle me. Or I see something and can't wait to tell Matt about it (yes still this happens) But my life has taken a very very different turn. My life has moved so far from what I shared with Matt, that it's hard to see him in the day to day business as usual. In all honesty, my life in the past month was more like my high school self, living with my grandma and hanging with my childhood friends however I am well on my way to carving out the next chapter.

Does this make me feel; bad, graceful, weird, happy, regretful, excited, selfish, grateful, and crazy all at once...yes. But it is what it is. Our life seems so long ago now, the awful year of firsts is behind me. This time last year I was already on my healing journey. Being able to look back one year ago and not think of where you were together albeit sad makes life easier. Sure at any moment in time I could pick up the wedding album or listen to old voicemails but I don't. When you know it is going to cause pain and hurt, why would you do it? And I think I am moving forward in a way that honors Matt and makes him proud,  really that's all I can do. 

Who knows how I will feel when I arrive on the coast miles and miles away even further from our life. For now it's easier to drive away from the life that I once knew simply because it's not as painful. Not that I didn't love that life but that life is no longer an option and I am just working with what I have got. 

lila enjoying the creek



Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 3 of the Journey out West

I took off early Sunday morning after rain delays on Saturday with a giant picnic basket full of smoothies and healthy snacks. It seemed as if it was meant to be as I drove off into the sun with no traffic.  We made great time stopping a few times for gas and lunch at a rest stop in Missouri. Lila loved the rest stop but was a little distracted from her lunch by the squirrels. 

We drove to Arkansas just over the border of Missouri to stay with my aunt for a few days. Lila and I are enjoying some lazy days although currently Lila is running around like a maniac chasing critters and kittens with mud all over her. She loves it here. She wakes up every morning to stare out the window and see what she can chase for the day. Now I just need to figure out how to destinkify her for the rest of the drive. 

Back to driving tomorrow and on to Oklahoma and Texas. See you in the Lone Star State!

Lead Hill is the booming metropolis where my Aunt lives



Saturday, June 1, 2013

Storm Chaser Delays and Fast Food Challenges

The car is packed and ready to go but I am still sitting on the couch at Nanny's. As many of you know there have been devastating storms sweeping the nation and the storm front appeared to be right in my path. I woke up at 6am this morning to flip on the Weather Channel, debated for a bit, and then made the executive decision to stay put. I am a little disappointed that my journey isn't starting on the date set but I think it was the right think to do. Plus yesterday was busy busy busy trying to get ready. Now, everything is where it should be so I can relax the rest of the day! 

I have been so focused on this move that I had kind of forgot that today was the first of June and hence the end of my "No More Stuff" campaign. I quickly thought, "oh I can use this day to shop" but then remembered my car is packed to the brim and I am already shipping stuff to meet me on the other end not to mention my storage unit in Chicago. I am saving my shopping energy for SoCal! Although, you might be asking, "how did I do on the pact?" Extremely well! I did buy the dress and some earrings for the wedding that I had made an exception for going in to the pact. There was an extra pair of earrings that snuck into the purchase but other than that, it went well. Word to the wise, if you are trying not to buy stuff... just don't go into Nordstrom. 

So it's a new month and time for a new pact! You again are welcome to join me in this one as well. While discussing the Yoga of Food in Yoga Teacher Training, we discussed the horrors of fast foods. I agree with this but started to discuss my cross country journey and how difficult it would be to not eat fast food. Some agreed but my teacher responded, "Get one of those magic bullets, make smoothies, stop at a grocery store, and stop making excuses." I have the magic bullet and love my smoothies so it's on. I am challenging myself not to have fast food my ENTIRE trip! Now, I will be eating out as I don't want to miss out on Tex Mex and other Southwestern delicacies but I vow to make healthy choices dining at restaurants as well. The main goal is to not stop at all the MickieD's from here to Cali. So I challenge you to not eat fast food the entire time I am on my journey as well! Here's to a safe and greasy free drive... hopefully starting tomorrow!

two puppies very very happy to sit on the couch for another day!