Saturday, June 1, 2013

Storm Chaser Delays and Fast Food Challenges

The car is packed and ready to go but I am still sitting on the couch at Nanny's. As many of you know there have been devastating storms sweeping the nation and the storm front appeared to be right in my path. I woke up at 6am this morning to flip on the Weather Channel, debated for a bit, and then made the executive decision to stay put. I am a little disappointed that my journey isn't starting on the date set but I think it was the right think to do. Plus yesterday was busy busy busy trying to get ready. Now, everything is where it should be so I can relax the rest of the day! 

I have been so focused on this move that I had kind of forgot that today was the first of June and hence the end of my "No More Stuff" campaign. I quickly thought, "oh I can use this day to shop" but then remembered my car is packed to the brim and I am already shipping stuff to meet me on the other end not to mention my storage unit in Chicago. I am saving my shopping energy for SoCal! Although, you might be asking, "how did I do on the pact?" Extremely well! I did buy the dress and some earrings for the wedding that I had made an exception for going in to the pact. There was an extra pair of earrings that snuck into the purchase but other than that, it went well. Word to the wise, if you are trying not to buy stuff... just don't go into Nordstrom. 

So it's a new month and time for a new pact! You again are welcome to join me in this one as well. While discussing the Yoga of Food in Yoga Teacher Training, we discussed the horrors of fast foods. I agree with this but started to discuss my cross country journey and how difficult it would be to not eat fast food. Some agreed but my teacher responded, "Get one of those magic bullets, make smoothies, stop at a grocery store, and stop making excuses." I have the magic bullet and love my smoothies so it's on. I am challenging myself not to have fast food my ENTIRE trip! Now, I will be eating out as I don't want to miss out on Tex Mex and other Southwestern delicacies but I vow to make healthy choices dining at restaurants as well. The main goal is to not stop at all the MickieD's from here to Cali. So I challenge you to not eat fast food the entire time I am on my journey as well! Here's to a safe and greasy free drive... hopefully starting tomorrow!

two puppies very very happy to sit on the couch for another day!



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