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Welcome to my little page in the world. A place where I try to reflect on the shit storm that was my life the past three years. That makes it sound pretty bad and at some points it was pretty bad but now it's not so bad. I am the Widowed Yogi and 2 years ago, I lost my husband to brain cancer at the age of 33 when I was only 29. After that I left the life I knew and headed across the world to become yoga certified and then headed out West to San Diego to find life, love, and happiness.

You know what they say... a picture is worth a thousand words... so here is the slideshow of my life for about the past seven years...

just after we met in February 2006

our first travels together to Denver for work and friends

my 24th birthday party...so young and so in love

just after 1st brain surgery and still feeling good!

healing with friends in madison

he proposed! 
January 26, 2008
"into her arms he dove to begin his new journey"

married and looking pretty damn happy
July 11, 2009

first came marriage then came puppy

a delayed honeymoon in Aruba

celebrating life and love

surviving brutal chicago winters

celebrating my 28th birthday in the middle of Matt's 2nd round of chemo/radiation

celebrating a friend's nuptials in SanDiego (my first time to SD!)

surprise Badgers game for Matt's 32nd... or at least I tried to make it a surprise!

our last Christmas together enjoying Zoo Lights at the Lincoln Park zoo

resting peacefully with the best doggie in the world

finding a way to stay afloat in Hawaii

still enjoying the things Matt loved

and some that he didn't... headed to the Zumba conference

staying in touch in the Wisconsin Northwoods

spending time with loved ones in Ohio

celebrating a best friend's wedding

and new little ones to love

learning to find new traditions for holidays

raising money for the ABTA via Zumbathon

saying goodbye to friends in Chicago

headed out west to explore my new city with my mama bear

and still finding time to Zumba

taking in the sights of Sydney

and Melbourne

newly certified yoga instructor!

enjoying some travels after training and practicing new skills

and then taking those skills to NYC 

spending time to reconnect in the OH with old friends

and of course family

one last hurrah in chi-town celebrating with a widow friend

first day of driving out west! 

stopping in the holler

and Sedona

finally to the top of the mountain in SD! mountains and oceans oh my!

i have arrived!

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