Monday, June 10, 2013

Greetings from SD!

Well I made it. I drove the 2000+ miles out to the west coast. It took me about a week with some fun stops in between and I would recommend this drive to anyone. I didn't get too crazy with it and never drove more than 10 hours in a day. I had two main stops; Arkansas and Sedona. I also stopped one night in Amarillo which included a scary motel stay. After the notel motel, I was happy to get on the road and get to Sedona where I upgraded and stayed at a beautiful resort with an infinity pool displaying the beautiful rock formations. 

Sedona wins the prize as the most beautiful place I have ever been in the US and rivals some of the other worldly beauty I have seen. Arriving on Thursday evening and passing through multiple time zones, I just rested by the pool the first night. The next morning I got to try a Kundalini Yoga class at the resort before heading out for a day of hiking. Rounding out the night out at a local winery pretty much makes for a perfect day for me. Lila got to join me on most activities as this is a very dog friendly town. She didn't join me at the winery though, Mama need a night out! I don't know if I entered any of the said vortexes but my mood was certainly elevated and I met some high vibe people. I didn't even touch on the surface of what this town has to offer with many many psychics, hiking trails, and organic food. At only seven hours across the desert from SD, I will be back. 

I woke on Saturday to pull myself from the R&R canyon of Sedona to finish the drive. I had to get to the leasing office by closing time so I significantly limited my hydration and put the pedal to the metal which was difficult with the rolling mountains of the desert and border patrol. I made it by about 5pm and was exhausted. I quickly signed the lease and rushed into the place only to realize I had to bring all my belongings in which wasn't easy with numerous hallways and a parking garage between me and my air mattress. The white walls of the barren apartment hit me hard and I was overwhelmed. Still am but it's getting better each day. How the hell did my life come to this? Arriving to the other side of the country in a small apartment with no one to help me carry all my crap (for those of you in SD I know I could have called you but conversation wasn't an option in this infuriated state). I was in despair. I persevered, blew up the air mattress (thankfully a friend of Matt's got us a luxury one for our wedding), cried, and went to sleep. I knew things would be better in the morning. After two nights, a rest by the pool, and a visit with a BFF from  back in the day, things are looking up again. I imagine after going to Coronado beach today, I will be back in full limitless love of SoCal! 

Dinner at the fancy restaurant in Arkansas (aka the Supper Club)

Lila and I going through Oak Creek

Headstand in Sedona!

Jumping in Sedona!



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