Tuesday, July 9, 2013

where to begin? perhaps with this beautiful new blog design!

Someone finally brought it to my attention, I haven't written in awhile. I knew it but I simply didn't know where to begin. And perhaps I needed to settle in and shed my Midwestern skin before I wrote again. 

Then I realized there is no time like the present and you are no where but here. I couldn't decide what to write about since so much has happened in the last month so I will just write about where I am now. And on the one month anniversary of living in SD and the 16 month anniversary of Matt's passing, here I am. You have to start somewhere. 

I love San Diego, it is so me. The beachy laid back SoCal lifestyle is all that I hoped and dreamed for. Just like everything in the past year there have been lots of ups and downs. I continue to look for the gratitude in my grief. I am still unpacking. I didn't think unpacking could be worse than packing but it has been and luckily it's almost over. I have been busy redecorating and changing things up which has been fun but busy. The place is starting to come together especially my yoga/meditation room. 

As you can see, I got a new blog design, isn't it perfection? I used HubbyJack Blog Designs. Jack did a great job of putting my vision together using my favorite colors! Even this shouts SoCal to me. I plan to use my blog as the landing pad for spreading my love for yoga in the SD so look for more to come on the Services page! 

If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen these pics but below are a few of my favorite SoCal pics! 

Oh how I love a good sunset especially at a place called Sunset Cliffs

Although Lila loves to dig a good hole... she did not dig this hole... the nerds sitting behind us dug it when they realized they forgot their towels and needed a place to sit... Lila took advantage even when they were still there...  

Celebrating one of Matt's friend's birthday with a pool party and sporting a Crew hat that you only see in SoCal! 




  1. LOVE the new blog design. I want to see pics of your apartment! As you can tell from my Pinterest, I've been overhauling my apt as well. So fun but so much work. Also - you look great in that last picture but I'm not sure how I feel about the flat bill hat and the gang sign you're flashing.

  2. Pics of the apartment will be posted in due time... I am completely Type A about decorating and not satisfied until its all done. But I have been watching your pins and my bedroom looks very similar to what you have been dreaming up! And I hardly consider a peace sign a gang symbol especially wearing a beautiful multicolored tunic!