Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ocean Air

Since I am typing, you can tell I made it past the 2nd Wedding Anniversary without Matt. It sucked big time. It will probably always suck on some level. Both last year and this year I felt debilitated. The day is solely about us but now there is no us. On the 11th, I mostly laid on the couch then went to the beach with Lila. I also referred back to my journal from last year and thankfully I seem not quite as neurotic but also spent the day on the couch and then on the beach with Lila. In each journal entry I wrote about how the air by the water seems to be a cure all for me. This is true for my worst days or just an average day where I need a pick me up. Since moving here, I try to get outside for at least an hour to breath in some ocean air. That being said, I have been cooped up all day and need to take my own advice and get myself by the water! 

My fav beach... Ocean Beach




  1. Prayers are with you, friend. I cannot imagine the pain you feel. Cannot wait for the JOY on the day that you two are reunited in Heaven!