Tuesday, July 30, 2013


It was an extremely busy but fun wedding back in C-bus. I flew out insanely early and arrived in the OH to help run around with some last minute wedding tasks. The jet lag was bad. How did I travel around the world and not feel this bad yet I fly to the other side of the country and I am beat? It was an early night Thursday before getting up to do some yoga to try to make myself right. I found a great little studio, GoYoga, in Upper Arlington. I love checking out new studios! That day was followed with nails and of course the rehearsal dinner. Saturday I was up early to get the hair did before all the normal wedding festivities including lots of drinking and dancing! My bro and his wife looked so happy and I am so happy for them! There were difficult times but I think overall I am better at just not thinking about it all. Not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing so we will just go with it is what it is. Sunday I spent a couple of hours with the fam before the long journey home. I had hangovers and delays to contend with so it was a long one. The ignoring probably added some emotional exhaustion as well. So happy to be back to my happy place in SoCal. Plus my mom came home with me so this week will be filled with many touristy SD activities. Pretty sure I will be an expert at this city by Sunday! Check out the pics from the wedding below. Can't wait to see the photographer's pics! 

The Happy Couple dropping off gift bags 


Kind of my favorite part of being in a wedding... false eyelashes! 

Embarking on the next chapter of their life!

the new Ralston family!  

Me and the other bro celebrating!

Matthew and my Nanny

My little family 

She goes by no other name... Nanny


Me and my Mama!

Me and the Bride's sister

So jealous of their cupcake cake!

I am not doing a very good job of only writing about yoga... life is to exciting to limit one's self! 



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