Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Taco Tuesday!

I know that doesn't sound very yoga related but I thought it was just a cute way to name today's post. I will get to the workout portion of the post momentarily... 

I have been going at the workouts pretty hard the past week or so. The thought of wearing a strapless dress in my bro's wedding has slightly spurred this but well it's also to further my career! I have been scooting my booty all around town trying to hit up every Yoga Studio possible. I started practicing at a studio, Yoga Six, that offers six free classes within the first two weeks of joining so I have been taking advantage of this as well. There are several Yoga6 locations in SD as well as in St. Louis. After talking to the Manger I also learned they just leased space in Chicago. I am loving this studio so I am happy to get the word out on the Windy City streets early... be on the lookout fellow Chi Yogis! I wanted to check out the Yoga Sculpt class and today was the only day it fit in my very busy social calendar so I woke up bright and early to get my sculpt on. I knew it was going to be a tough day since I also teach Zumba tonight. If you aren't familiar with the Yoga Sculpt format, it's basically Yoga bootcamp. Yep. If either one of those weren't enough. And it's in a hot room. It's an amazing workout especially at this studio. I am obsessed! But my body not so much. After teaching again tonight, I remember why athletes start their careers so early. It's not that bad but I am a little out of practice on the two a days and need to use tomorrow for some restorative yoga to recover. Midway through YogaSculpt as I did my jumping jacks I started to feel nervous about the day's activities when I realized, wait this is awesome! I am lucky enough that I am alive and that my body can do two workouts a day! I started smiling ear to ear as I finished my horse pose lunges. The teacher caught my grin and smiled back but also probably thought I was slightly delirious. I finished my Zumba class sweaty with a smile so now I am headed out for Taco Tuesday and I damn well deserve it!  



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