Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Headed back to the Midwest already! Mazel Tov!

I can't believe that I am headed back to Ohio already! It must be something special to pull me away from my Cali love so soon and it is! It's my little bro's wedding! I really can't believe it! I am quite a few years older than him so it seems a little surreal. At the age when I was still torturing him while I was "babysitting", I remember wondering what he would turn out like as an adult. It's weird that I distinctly remember this thought, it must have been the point that I realized all adults were kids at some point because it is a vivid memory. I am happy to report that he turned out to be a very cool guy. He just graduated with his Masters in Nuclear Engineering, found a great new job, and is marrying a wonderful woman. I guess to be honest I am a little sick of celebrating all his accomplishments this year!  Just Kidding! He and his wife are fun to hang with and he always answers my very basic computer questions without making me feel like the idiot I am. He is probably the most chill person I know and defines the absent minded professor. 

I am so happy for him to embark on the journey of marriage. Being married rocks. I miss it very much. There was a lot of wedding talk today and while I am so happy for those getting hitched, it hurts. It hurts my heart so much. I found my one! But now I have to go to these things alone without him by my side. We would have had so much fun celebrating this weekend. I will still have a blast but it would have been better with Matt by my side. 

Can't wait to get back into the blazing humid heat of the Midwest and party with my bro and his new wife! Mazel Tov! 

Me and the little bro, James. Just look at my brace face! 

Let's hope he doesn't do this at the altar on Saturday! 

Just look at those red curls... cutest kid ever... and yes he's still a ginger! 




  1. The crying picture is hilarious! I always, always laugh at pictures of kids crying.

  2. i know right! its even better when you know why he was crying... he was eating a bag of fritos and my aunt took it away to get the pic which brought this on!