Monday, November 19, 2012

The Meditating Widow

I had certianly heard about meditation prior to going to the Ashram in December 2011 but my experience with it had been minimal. I had never really sat down and tried to meditate on my own. When I arrived at the Ashram with my Aunt we arrived late in the afternoon and made it in time to attend the evening services, Satsang. I knew Satsang was from 8 - 10pm but that was about it. We arrived and there was hushed chatter before the Swami belted out an "Ommm" and dimmed the lights. We were left to our own devices to meditate but for how long I wondered? They hadn't told me? Would it be the whole 2 hours? No way, I couldn't do this for 2 hours! My back hurts! Why didn't I sit in one of those chairs!

Thankfully another Om pulled me out of my meditative panic about 30 minutes later. This was a full bellyflop into meditation. Luckily, there were three workshops on meditation while we were there given by Tom Spector. I eagerly attended the first workshop and ended up going to every single one. I learned several techniques on mediation and found the one that was right for me and an optimistic plan to mediate every day.

Additionally, it seemed as if I was brought to the Ashram at this time in my life to meet Tom Spector. Tom was involved in pharmaceutical research for cancer. He also helped cancer patients and their families with meditation and helping to put them at ease as they moved into the next realm. Tom's book, Our Two Gardens: How to Cultivate Healing, includes a section on how to best vist with cancer patients. I told him why I was at the Ashram and he immeaditly gave me a big bear hug. Tom shared that he strongly belevied in cosmic coninciedneces and encouraged the group to always reach out to someone if you feel you should. Well this was definitly a cosmic conicidence for me.

After visiting the Ashram,  I went back with a plan to meditate everyday right after I got out of bed. I had explained to Tom that my mind was jumping all over the place all the time. I wasn't able to focus on anything and my mind was always elsewhere when I was at work/home/etc. He promised if I continued with my practice this would change. I thought, it's worth a shot!

But as life got continually difficult, my practice fell to the wayside. I would pick it up and drop it again and again. Last week, I decided to take Deepak Chopra's 21 Day Meditation Challenge. It was all over Facebook and I signed up looking forward to finding my practice again. Now, I have to say I don't condone all of Deepak's beliefs (he is Oprah's guru) BUT he has gotten me to meditate every day for the past fourteen days.

And guess what? My mind isn't as jumpy! With all that is going on and all the plans I am trying to make, my mind was hopping around like a crazed monkey. Oh yes, Monkey Mind at it's finest. So I am a beleiver and will be continuing this challenge. It's not too late for you either! Check out the details here...

Just thought I would pass along my experiences with meditation, everyone should at least give it a shot!



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