Monday, August 4, 2014

just another weekend in paradise with photos to prove it

well it was another perfectly SoCal weekend here although there was quite a bit of rain for San Diego! this is a very good thing because we desperately need it and it gives one permission to stay in the house all day. you see it's the opposite around here... in the Midwest you are just hoping for a nice day to get out and enjoy... here they are all that way so if you have chores and laziness to attend to one weekend day, you feel bad. so when the rain rolls in for a couple of hours at most, you take advantage and bunker down. the weekend was spent with good meals including one to celebrate a work accomplishment. as mentioned previously, i got a new camera and i took a class to teach me how to use it that my special someone got me for my bday. the next day i was able to practice my new skills at the van's US open surf competition which also included some bmx biking. the event was up in huntington beach surrounded by miles of miles of sandy shore and included the top surfers from around the world. we got up early to beat the traffic on the 5 and the weather was still dreary in the early dawn but by mid afternoon it was back to sunny SoCal. we headed back south after a few hours in the hot sun and stopped for some lunch in laguna beach. check out some of my shots below...

welcome to huntington beach! 

bmx bowl... had so much fun trying to capture these guys in the air

surfin USA 

in the air... apparently i wasn't the only one trying to catch this shot!

the pier where the surf competition took place... if are wondering where the surfers are... i learned the value of lenses and realized i needed a giant zoom lens after seeing all of the pro photogs there... maybe one day...



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