Thursday, January 9, 2014

#homebodyyoga 28-day challenge

on Tuesday, i found a 28 day home yoga challenge post, commented and won a free copy of Homebody Yoga by Jay Fields. yipee! who doesn't love winning! while in the process of moving with plenty of heavy lifting, i don't think it's exactly necessary or feasible to get to the gym everyday. Although the physical aspects of a workout are being met through the move process, what about the mental? yoga is so much more to me than a workout so finding time to be still for even five minutes a day when my mind is racing violently is crucial. And while, I know this is true, implementing it is another thing. thus when i saw this challenge posted... i thought, game on!

yesterday i woke up a little later than i liked but still did a quick five minute meditation followed by some brief asana. over lunch, i took lila to the park and we romped around and i even tried a couple of handstands. it was a little tough given the slope of the park but i feel into wheel in a giggle. being able to get out and enjoy this beautiful sunny seventy degree weather changes the course of my day and is certainly part of my practice. today, the boxes have pretty much overtaken my home and while i could probably find a little space for my mat, i just don't think i could quiet my mind. i plan to head to the beach for a quick run and then some asana on the beach. not a bad alternative to the studio! i encourage you to join me in this challenge. it doesn't have to be yoga, it could be drinking a cup of tea, gardening, or for all my midwest friends it could be playing in the snow. just something that allows you to unplug from the world and tune in to you. tell me what you are up to and i hope you find some peace in this #homebodyyoga challenge!



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