Tuesday, January 7, 2014

new year and definitely a new life

well my new years resolution isn't off to a great start. well i didn't really make a resolution but i know i want to write more and find a way to share what has happened to me in the past two years. although, in my humble opinion though, the new year didn't really start until yesterday so i guess one day in... i am not doing so bad.

the holidays were busy. i usually hate when people tell me they are soooo busy but i get it this time around. and not that i had a ton of plans but i was busy dealing with the weird set of emotions that comes around the second year without. i finished up bootcamp, headed to idyllwild and before i knew it, it was christmas and my mom was visiting. i had a wonderful christmas filled with sun, fun, and love. being out here for the holidays is so different and with windchills registering at negative 30 back in the midwest, i will gladly take it! i spent new years with new friends and felt that it was a wonderful way to kick off a new year full of promise and hope.

last year i wrote an epic Top 10 Moments of 2012 post which was difficult given it was the crappiest year of my life. i thought about doing the same this year but just wasn't feeling it when i looked back. it seemed my 2013 centered around my travels to Bali and moving to San Diego. then i realized it wasn't about either place but really just about finding gratitude and learning to move forward in the best way possible after the crappiest year of my life.

so here i am, seven days into the new year and thinking 2014 is going to be a great one! i am moving to the beach next week so really, how bad could it be?!?! i hope all of you have the same hope in your heart... i have no idea what the year will bring but i do know that i will get through it with a smile on my face. cheers to 2014!

hello 2014!




  1. thx! i loved comparing it to last year's new years post! i've come a long way... and a lot of miles!