Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Goal Setting 101

well i am all settled in my beach pad... again pics to come later. i should have taken the pics when it was all party ready. its not a complete mess but by my neurotic standards, i am not photo ready. still to come! after spending all my free time plotting and pillaging through home goods, antique stores, and ikea, i realized i now had free time back on my hands! well kind of, seems i tend to fill every hour of every hour no matter what is going on in my life.

but generally the days were turning into blobs and with some other new distractions in my life, i needed to get back on track. as the yogic niyamas tell us, we need to do some svadhyaya every once in while to keep it all in check. i felt like i was spending my whole day doing everything but accomplishing nothing. a fellow fitness junkie/coach/blogger, Alison Blaker, often writes about her goal setting and i realized, i hadn't written down a goal in a long time or maybe even ever so off i went scribing my goals and hopefully making myself accountable. i don't have a fancy goal setting process or book (although now i might need one) but i put the pen to the paper and started with my weekly goals. there were a lot. not all of them time consuming but since there were so many, i decided to map out each day and decide when to get each one done. without scheduling goals each day, i knew at the end of the week i would have ended up with a list of unaccomplished tasks. and it's off to a great start! yesterday i was able to check everything off and i am well on my way today. yesterday there was even a car issue that could have easily thrown me off but i stuck to it and got it done. and now here i am blogging which was  also on the list! just thought i would share my success story of goal setting, i have never really tried this but it worked for me this week and just might for you too!

my yoga/zumba/tarot/goal setting notebook 



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