Tuesday, March 4, 2014

om sweet om

well i have been promising this post for awhile and here it is! pics of my newly decorated place. with this being my third move of stuff after losing matt, i continue to sift through the things that i keep. it's not that i am getting rid of stuff but after time you just realize that keeping a ratty old tshirt doesn't help but then there are some ratty tshirts you can't ever get rid of. it felt a little like i just picked up my old decor from chicago and deposited it in san diego. it was time to make some changes and learn how to incorporate the new and the old...

come on in... lamp from West Elm and table from Home Goods 

have a seat! the picture wall took awhile... most frames from Home Goods... picture bought in Door County on matt and i's mini-moon 
tv area... had a stud to find some studs and hang it for me... laterns and clock from Home Goods...lamp from Ikea... old entertainment console originally bought at Pottery Barn
bar table made by great uncle in Newfoundland... pictures from my various wine tasting adventures... wine glass tin wall hanging from antique shop
who wouldn't want to have their breakfast in this little nook? white table and chairs from West Elm bought at last place... new turquoise chair from Ikea... mirrors have been traveling me from about 10 addresses ago originally from Crate and Barrel
tray and frame from Home Goods... succulents from West Elm.. bottles from assorted places including my kitchen and antique stores... Cadbury Eggs for Easter treats!
 you saw pics of this in my last place... much bigger bedroom to spread out but did get the lamp from Ikea... lila loves basking in the morning sun in here
 same bedding from last place...hung a couple of prints... pic on the left bought at Madison Art Fair at the Capital... matt surprised me once and had it professionally framed... other print bought at Point Loma lighthouse on my first trip to SD
 just luv this Home Goods find
 if you follow me on Instagram you saw pics of this a little neater but just wanted to show where i keep some more pics of matt... its a good place to put them when i want to see his smiling face 
 beachy bathroom...shells handpicked on a morning beach walk with lila
 step into my office...
 buddah statue on top of my antique bookshelf...many sacred things on here including mala beads from Bali and matt's ashes
lila's corner office... under papa's galaxy print that one of his friend's painted... leaning tower of pisa bookshelf from CB2... lamp from Ikea... chalkboard sticker strips going away present from a friend (such a fun idea esp. when guests leave msgs)
and my corner of the office... desk from Ikea...yep i actually sit on that balance ball chair ... Miami art a gift...Badgers pennant i gave to matt...Wisconsin old school program from a program calendar i also gave Matt...luv the red/blue combo with Miami and Sconie stuff

so that's it! om sweet om! beach living is a little different but it's a perfect fit for me right now and i couldn't be happier that i took the time to decorate and reflect where i am at right now!



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