Tuesday, March 25, 2014

be kind

i saw this quote recently and felt it's truth. sometimes in the most delusional days of caregiving/grieving... i would wonder as i walked down the street, "does anyone know what is happening to me at this very moment". it was hard to realize that life was continuing on for people even though it seemed it was impossible. 

last week i finally started teaching at a new studio, Reach Yoga. if you don't know i became a 200 hour yoga certified just a year ago now but haven't started teaching any weekly classes. i was grateful to pick up two classes a week and teach a slow vinyasa to students new to yoga. today was my second class and i am remembering just how much i love teaching. i have still been teaching Zumba on a pretty weekly basis after hours at a San Diego County office but it feels good to finally share this love of mine with students. already i have learned so much and can't wait to continue to instruct my students through new flows. today as i ran along the Pacific (also training for a half marathon!) i hoped that i helped someone's life with yoga earlier that day. then i envisioned someone rushing towards me for hugs at the end of class thanking me for changing their life. but then i remembered this quote. i remembered a Zumba student approaching me after class one day because her sister was battling cancer and this gave her an hour of relief. you just don't know. she salsaed around that room with the best of them. i had no idea through her zumbaed out grin that she too was battling the cancer beast. so as i ran i thought of this quote and how true it really is. you never know when you are teaching someone something either positive or negative so just do your best always. or at least try to do your best, that's all you can do. 


the widowed yogi 

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