Wednesday, March 5, 2014

when doctors don't know it all

i recently came across a blog from a fellow yogi describing her journey with a hip replacement. this blogger, Amy Brown, was an active woman who taught both yoga and spinning. she even quit her full time gig to open a yoga studio (kind of my dream). a few months later, after experiencing some odd pains in her hip area which had been replaced in 2007, she visited her doctor who after many tests concluded that her hip replacement was causing issues. it was basically leaking toxins into her body and she had to get it replaced ASAP. they moved forward with the operation and Amy began her second road to recovery. the road to her recovery has been longer than expected and she continues at 19 months out on her journey. read her inspiring tale in full here.

i thought i would share this as it's another tale of a yogi trying to incorporate poses into their healing journey. i think the tough part about this story is realizing that something that doctors said would help Amy has done the exact opposite. in our western world, we grow up believing that doctors are here to fix us and they know everything. but that just isn't the truth, it's up to us to get the full story. western medicine is just part of it. during my healing journey, all too many doctors were ready to write me off clinically depressed and give me some pills to fix it all. i recall a doctor going through the "depression list" questions and me answering "yes" to pretty much all of them except with the disclaimer "but my husband just died and i'm not even thirty". she didn't like my excuse and wrote me off with a prescription anti-depressant. who knows what would have happened if i took her medical advice, i might be battling the struggle of coming off of them now. thankfully i listened to my gut and stuck with therapy and yoga. everyone has to find their own path on the road to recovery hopefully with a little insight from all the doctors of the world, yogis included!



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