Tuesday, July 22, 2014

san fran... i heart you

so i headed to san fran this week/weekend for work and play. i headed into my firm's san jose office on wednesday before heading downtown that evening and spending some QT in the city. i have a few friends in the city so i made some jam packed plans to visit with all of them in the day in a half that i had some free time. the last time that i was in the city by the bay was about seven and a half years ago...

matt had been working in SF on his consulting gigs and i planned to make a trip out to meet him. if i am honest, i knew something was up because he had made all the arrangements himself and had not asked a lot of input on trip planning from me. and well, if i am really honest, i may have snuck a peek at an email or two. i've never been one for suprises. i flew into SFO and took the Bart to meet him downtown. little did i know that where i was staying this trip was a couple of blocks from where we stayed in union square. as i drove by one of the famous artistic hearts just a few steps from my hotel, i realized that was where matt  and I had posed for a photo op all those years ago. i defintily got choked up. it has been a long time since i felt a connection with a place with matt. this was a place i had only been with him so i couldn't help but be reminded of our time there together.

while i stayed in the city this trip to do some more exploring, matt and i's trip took a different turn. after staying in the city for only about a day and half, we headed down the PCH to big sur. on our drive is where he pulled over and proposed to me by a bench that we happened to stumble upon on the coast that had carved into it; "into her arms he dove to begin his new journey."

the trip bought back some wonderful memories. it had been a long time since i have been in place that reminded me so much of him and felt so much like our place. i had a great trip though; got a lot done for work and got to see many friends from different stages of my life. while i had enjoyed my stay in San Fran, some time in a hustling bustling city only helped reinforce i am exactly where i need to be right now. as soon as i got back to SD, i headed for the ocean and was even greeted by dolphins along my morning run today. welcome back to paradise!

heart in SF with matt in jan 2007

the proposal site

"into her arms he dove to begin his new journey"

headstand in front of the golden gate this trip!



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