Tuesday, February 26, 2013

cheers mate!

time flies when you are having fun! the third leg of this journey is complete... more details to come later but wanted to at least post some pics of Sydney first... on to Melbourne!

the girls enjoying lunch at the icebergs

yep this is real! 

bondi beach after a sunday session

crazy pink flowers at the zoo

icebergs where i yoga-ed and lunched 

bloody marys midwest style

the sydney opera house!

watching footie with the mates

a real australian didgeridoo!

bondi lifeguard and my traveling mate (not really a lifeguard just a random traveler who pretended to be a lifeguard to jump in the pic)

view from Zumba class i took at the surf club

a real live kangaroo... they don't do much and act and look a lot like lila

i have a lot more gorgeous photos to post of the opera house, harbour bridge, and the botanical gardens but my brand new Mac Air is holding them hostage. to be posted once found! 



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