Thursday, February 28, 2013

Almost on to the 4th Leg of the Journey!

I posted some pictures to document my time in Sydney a few days ago... as you can probably guess... I am on the go during this trip. I wanted to have time to think, examine, and understand what was going on in my life as I transition into a new stage of but I have been too busy living life to think about it all. Isn't that what this is all about?  

I have had a little bit of time to think in between eating, drinking, and sightseeing and have certainly thought about a few key things but haven't had a lot of time to document them. First of all, I miss Matt. This is everywhere I go. I might not think about it every single moment but life is better with him by my side and I miss traveling with him. A few moments when this really hit me... laying in bed after a long day of sight seeing, visiting with his best friend and his wife when he should be with us, on the wine tour today when we would have mingled with everyone, and many more. 

Visiting with one of his best buds was so nice, sharing our beloved stories, being able to talk about him on such a level, looking through pictures reminiscing about good times. Sharing stories of your loved one lost is vital to this process. I am so thankful that his friend opened his home to me and I was able to enjoy Bondi Beach with him and his wife. You are always welcome in San Diego or wherever I live for that matter! Namaste!

While I missed Matt so much at times, there were times that I just enjoyed life without thoughts of this or that or what I have gone through. The transition is happening and I am moving into the next stage of my life. I miss him greatly and will forever hold that in my heart but it's changing. Tomorrow marks the beginning of March and on the 9th it will be one year. Can't believe it... seems all so far away. On to Bali tomorrow. 

melbourne from the Riverfront bar

melbourne means lots of alleyways and lots of graffiti... i almost blend in!

me and my traveling mate, Kate, another A-town friend of Matt's on a wine tour of the yarra valley

literally swimming in bubbles!

a view of the yarra valley

my fav from the yarra... sparkling pinot shiraz from moet

city lites from a rooftop bar

another view of the yarra from chandon... cheers mate!



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