Saturday, March 30, 2013

Words from an Official Yogi...

It's official! I am a 200 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor! I took my exam on Wednesday and received my certificate that evening at our Graduation Celebration. I have thought about doing this for so long and so proud and happy that I finally acheived my goal! 

So how do I feel now? Am I enlightened? Am I a Yogi? I certainly feel like I have changed. I don't think a month long class can really every begin to touch what being a yogi means and our Teacher agrees. Being a Yogi and living this way is a life long challenge and goal. Living in Ubud has made it easy to make healthy spirit lifting choices. Once I am in back in the real world is where the real work starts. 

I now feel that I have a lot of the building blocks to learn more and go further on this spiritual journey. I learned so much in the past month and wanted to share so much with my blogging world but there simply wasn't enough time in the day. I hope to delve into some of these topics further in the next few weeks. As we always said in class, take from it what you want. You don't have to believe everything but at least consider it and let it open your mind. 

Right now I am on the island of Gili Trawangan staying at a beautiful beachside resort with some of my fellow classmates. The island is part of Lombok, another Indonesian island. To get here we had to take a one hour taxi ride from Ubud onto an hour boat ride onto a 15 minute donkey ride. Yep, a donkey ride, there are no motor vehicles on the island! Sometimes it's nice to go back in time (with wifi still available of course). My days since graduation have been spent laying on the beach, eating, and relaxing perhaps take in some snorkeling and paddle boarding in the next couple of days. I promise I will get some meditation and yoga in too! 

As I sat back taking in the beauty of my new accommodations, I felt that familiar pang. Matt would have loved this place and sharing this luxurious room with me. If only we would have been able to enjoy the Gilis' together. He would also be proud and happy to say that he was married to a yoga teacher! Of course he would be pushing me to get out there and turn this around to be a profitable venture as well!  

Being after the year mark has proved to have it's own unique set of emotions. Primarily just realizing that it has been a year and that I now have a whole new year of memories that don't include Matt. On St. Patty's Day as I looked at the pics of my friends on Facebook enjoying one of Chicago's biggest drinking holidays, I couldn't help but think about all the St. Patty's days Matt and I spent together and remembering back to one year ago and the freshness of my pain. This time last year, I was recuperating on the beaches of the Bahamas at the yoga ashram. Clearly I have a pattern of healing on the beach with yoga. 

I will be staying on the island for the next few days before heading up to the mountains to see yet more natural beauty of Bali. Also planning for some more beach time before heading home on April 9th. Wishing everyone a Happy Easter... so many good memories of celebrating Easter with Matt's family in Wisconsin. 

Matt and I celebrating Easter for the first time in Appleton, WI... enjoying the day at High Cliff Park

My Nanny and I at Easter Brunch last year

Sunrise over Gili Trawangan this morning  



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