Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mountain Mama

Yet again I have proven that I do not like roughing it. On Monday I departed Gili T to head up northwest to the mountain town of Munduk. It was about a three hour drive and it was beautiful but I knew it wasn't the ideal spot for me as soon as I arrived. I had booked a homestay for the next three nights and had a little house/room to myself on the back side of the property. I was starving by the time I arrived and knew I didn't want to be wandering around at night so I quickly found some dinner. I retreated to my room and the bug sounds began, I knew I was not alone. 

I tucked myself under my mosquito net and read a book to hopefully drift off into a safe slumber. Behind my cottage I could hear a large group of European teens playing cards. I was slightly annoyed but also happy to know that people were around. I finally drifted off when I awoke to a very loud bug sound. I wondered if it was actually in my room but was half asleep so I decided to go with it not being in my room to hopefully get some more rest. Despite my growing fear, I fell back asleep until I was again awoken again by the European teens. Two girls were in the cottage next to me and upon their arrival to the cottage, they screamed when I would assume they found a creepy crawler. They ran to find one of their male travel companions to kill the bug. I laid in fear as I now knew I wasn't the only one concerned with the bug situation. Then the sound was back. It was loud and engulfed my whole cottage, it felt as if the world was coming to and end. 

Now there is nothing in this world that makes a widow miss her husband like the onset of bug danger while laying in bed. I again had that feeling of what the hell am I doing. I wondered what I should do. Should I go find the owners to kill the bug? Then I realized I didn't even know where to find someone for help which further pushed my downward spiral of fear. I realized that I must lay there and hope that the bug wasn't dangerous. Really, I didn't have another choice either. So I laid and counted the hours until 6am when I knew it would be light. 

I finally drifted back to sleep and awoke a couple of hours later. I hadn't heard the bug in awhile. I picked up my Iphone flashlight stashed by my pillow and did a quick scan of the room and there I found a big giant cricket type creature. It looked relatively harmless but there was just no way that bug could be roommate. So I took it down. I laid in my bed and felt a bit delirious. I was wondering if I had even killed the bug as I had been having dreams about killing bugs. The next morning my suspicions were confirmed when I found the evidence in the toilet. I am still feeling bad about taking this defenseless bugs life but I was operating on fear. 

I jumped up eagerly at 6am to enjoy the daylight as the creepy crawlers made their retreat. I had planned a hike for the day with a guide and was looking forward to this as I tired to ignore the possibility of more bugs. I also made the executive decision to head back south that day. I just couldn't spend another sleepless night in that cottage. I enjoyed the hike to two waterfalls with my knowledgeable guide, Nyoman. The waterfalls were spectacular as were all of the mountain views. I also got to try some Kopi Luwak. If you don't know what this is, it's poop coffee. The Balinese feed the luwak (a cross between a fox and a cat) coffee beans and the cat poops it out. They then process those beans for an expensive cup of brew. I saw the luwak up in the mountains and after our hike we sat down to enjoy a cup. A Balinese lady served us the coffee and then sat down to chat with Nyoman. Soon I saw here wiping her eyes. Nyoman shared that she had lost her husband only two months ago in a motorbike accident. He shared with her that I had also lost my husband. We gave each other a knowing look as neither of us could speak each other's language. Widowhood needs no words, it is a universal feeling despite cultural differences, language barriers, and geographic distances. 

I headed back to the beach after my hike and checked into an air conditioned hotel with plenty of wifi and luxuries to go around. I don't know if it makes me a bad yogi but I really enjoy some of the niceties of life. I don't think I take it for granted but I am just more comfortable here. I also love the beach and feel naturally in a better state when I am by the water. I am getting tired of packing and lugging my suitcases so I will be spending the rest of my time here in Seminyak. Its a beautiful beach town with plenty of beach space and activities. It is more touristy but I truly believe a place is what you make of it. I took a bikram yoga class this morning. It felt great and there are plenty of healthy eating options around. Tomorrow I am finally trying surfing! Can't believe this trip is almost over but looking forward to getting back to begin plans for the second half of my move and of course to see friends and family and especially my Lila!

View from the Mountaintops

If I hadn't roughed for the night... I wouldn't have been able to do this! Yipee! 

A Luwak working on his delicacies 



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