Monday, April 29, 2013

The Monday Meltdown

Not that I am having a meltdown but I think it's a good way to sum up Mondays  even when you are unemployed! Although I had a great weekend including family, friends, 5Ks, and amusement parks... Mondays always seem to bring me back to reality. While there are lots of things on the list as I prepare to move across the country there is one goal that has really got me thinking... 

While in Bali, I lived a pretty simple life. There was no primping due to the high heat. I didn't have a lot of clothes because I was limited to one bag. I didn't wear a lot of jewelry because that just got in the way during yoga. I did buy a lot of gifts but those were typically more Bali-esque type trinkets and weren't all for me. 

The fear of my stuff arriving in California is also lurking. The process of moving and packing was awful and emotionally draining. I did the best I could to declutter but in the end I was exhausted. I know that there will be more work to be done once the semi pulls up to my new place and no the semi isn't just my stuff! 

When I got back to the US and headed to New York I quickly found myself in consumption mode again. This was some what out of necessity as I forgot about the season of spring. I have all my heavy duty winter gear and my minimal hot weather wear, the rest is in storage hopefully safe and sound. I needed a few things but the trendsetting energy of NYC fueled my purchasing power. 

So for May... I will not be purchasing ANY more clothing items. This is to include; shirts, tops, jeans, capris, shorts, jewelry, workout clothes, and Zumbawear. I am granted one purchase, a dress, for a wedding and my brother's rehearsal dinner. I swear I really don't have any dresses here with me! Not only will this get me back to reality that I don't really need that much, it will save me more than the money on shopping. On my way out of Chicago, the Audi was packed to the brim. There was even a last minute purge to fit everything, some junk man hit the jackpot that day. I am already over capacity and will have to ship items to Cali once I finally find a destination. 

A true Yogi lives as simply as possible for many reasons. While I don't think I will giving up my worldly possessions and wearing a burlap sack, I could do with less. Much less. So that's it, I am putting it out there... no more stuff in May! Stuff Free! My aunt is also taking this Spring Cleaning pact with me so we can hold each other accountable. I will keep you posted on how it goes... and feel free to check in to keep me honest!  



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