Tuesday, August 27, 2013


In my younger days, I used to have a faux phone number that was intended to be given to creeps that were hitting on me. In my phone it was listed under Rejection. In fact, I just checked my phone and it's still there. Good to know that's in my back pocket.

Last week, I got handed that number a few times. Not literally from guys I was hitting on (I am a lady after all) but various sources that I have come in contact with trying to start anew here. I won't divulge my sources to protect the innocent (or to save my ego just a little bit). It was a week of rejection it sucked. It's easy to be at peace with your journey until you are served a giant helping of things aren't going your way.

As I was wallowing in my mellow drama of whoa is me, an article from MindBodyGreen entitled, "25 Habits of People Who are Happy, Healthy, and Successful" showed up in my feed. I love a good list and this website serves them up yogi style so I am frequently checking out their posts. This particular article came at the exact right moment. All of the bullet points are good but check out this one...

8. They consider handling rejection a skill and are resilient.

Really? You don't say? I am trying. This Monday I scrubbed the hell out of my apartment to start fresh and told myself I rocked, let's do this again! But as a widow there is an additional pain in all this rejection. I don't have that person who would never reject me by my side. I remember telling Matt various work, friend, etc. stories and he would get downright mad if someone was upsetting me. You know that look guys get when they want to beat someone up because they made their woman cry. It's so stone age but it's hot and I miss it. He had such a unique confidence that never seemed to people please yet was so pleasing. He would have gotten agitated at me being upset but would have reminded me what an idiot they were and if they didn't see how wonderful I am, well then f*#k them! I miss his confidence in me. I think I even mentioned this in a post a few days back when I started my new position (that may or may not have something to do with this rejection). 

Although I miss him so much especially in a time like this, I am picking myself back up and staying positive. I mean really, if you don't know how awesome I am, then I have no time for you. I am not perfect but I do kind of rock. Behold the power of positive thinking. 



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