Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yogi Problems

I thought it would be fun to start a regular post called Yogi Problems. Kind of like first world problems but of course pertaining to the yoga world. Sometimes people get so serious in their practice and the light heartedness of it all is lost. Yoga isn't that serious people! It can be fun! You have got to smile about it all sometimes and laughing at yourself is a necessary skill.

This afternoon I headed to my normal hot yoga class to enjoy a sweaty session. In my quest to become a complete California sun goddess, I frequently use self tanner. Yes it's faking it but it's saving my skin from cancer and that is no faux paus. So as I was sweating it out, I noticed that my sweat was also bronzed! Pools of sweat is hardly ever pretty but with a golden hue it's even more disguisting. I had to laugh at the whole predicament and of course try not to let my fellow yogis see the tan melt off my body. Below are the products I use to achieve this sun kissed yogi glow.

St. Tropez

St Tropez sun care



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