Monday, September 2, 2013

Yogi Problems

Not surprisingly another hilarious yogi event has occurred. I slept in this morn as I was tired out from all of my rigorous outdoor activities this holiday weekend but was still able to catch a late morn yoga class. As usual the schedule was abbreviated and I everyone else at my studio decided to take a longer snooze and attend this slower paced class. I noticed that the class was packed and quickly threw my mat down to secure my usual front row diva locale. Then they started pouring in and everyone looked very confused. We all slightly moved our mats in hopes of avoiding touching anyone to make room the best we could. Of course there was still a spot up front and the teacher encouraged a stranded yogi to come on down. The woman obviously a back row lurker, was not pleased and stomped up front with all of her belongings including a dinging cell phone. I felt the stink eye exchanged between the couple in prayer position next to me. There were a few more minutes of awkward shuffling before class began. My spot wasn't too bad and I was comfortable although I typically avoid practicing next to men  because they sweat like crazy and stink but sandwiched between two attractive older men, I was fine. The back row lurker converted front row dive loudly asked how to get into child's pose as the teacher pursed her lips and gave her the silence gesture like a kindergarten teacher during nap time. After about five minutes, the couple next to me shot up and announced they were leaving because they are six feet tall and it was cramped. I smirked and scooted my mat over to get away from the hot sweaty forty something. Finally, the yogis settled into the practice and an enjoyable slow flow kept on. As class ended and I lay in sivasana listening to someone's cell phone go off, I pondered doesn't this class describe life perfectly?  Half the journey is getting to your half the mat and about forty five percent is off the mat the rest is the just the postures. 



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