Thursday, May 8, 2014

it's gonna be may

yep, its been a month. a month since i posted and well as you can guess a lot has happened. april was full of fun, laughs, love, and well to be honest a little bit of stress. i traveled to Austin, TX  to celebrate a bachlorette and also got to catch up with my cousins that i never get to see anymore. Austin proved to be just as weird and awesome as promised. getting together with college girlfriends after the age of 30 trying to rehash the good old days also proved to be just as awful (in a good way of course). the week following i was so lucky to have my two aunts and nan visit. it was quick turnaround time but i straightened up the place quickly, stocked the fridge, and played hostess with the mostess with ease. i was happy that nan got to see the place. for some reason she always thinks i live in some dirty hovel and to her ocean loving delight, she enjoyed numerous walks to the beach. easter brought a celebration with friends poolside. this week i am back home visiting with family and friends before heading up north to Toledo to stand up in the above mentioned bachlorette's wedding. lots going on, lots to celebrate, and lots to be thankful for.

i guess it's time for me to come clean with some other developments in life... i met a special someone.  i jumped back into the dating game around the time i moved back to san diego. i'm sorry i didn't share but really the only thing more awkward than getting back into the dating game at 30 after your husband passes away is blogging about it. but it's part of my story and i have to share that i am so so happy and i want others to know that it's possible for them. and to know that it's a lot easier to write about someone who can no longer read what you've written (i know your reading this). i'm sure i'll share more as time goes on but for now i want the other widows to know that it's possible to survive a horrible tragedy at a young age, to pick up and move across the country to build a new life, and to find someone that makes you happy again.

pedal pub for the bachlorette... so much fun! 

Easter celebration sunset




  1. So happy to hear this. You deserve all of the happiness in the world & more.