Friday, May 23, 2014

just another SoCal sunset...

i guess life has returned to business as usual in the SD... living by the sun cycle and long walks on the beach. i got back to Cali after the wedding that i was in and felt a little off as my plan landed. i think it was due to missing two people at the same time in the same way but different. being back with all my girlfriends who watched me fall in love with matt and attended our wedding made me miss him by my side. the bride was thoughtful enough to suggest donations to the ABTA  as well as put Matt's picture on a table of loved ones lost at the reception. it was so thoughtful but i avoided that table like that black plaque fearing that i would break into tears upon a single glance. i received many comments of how my friends missed Matt and wished he could be there. being so far removed from my old life and old friends it's easy to let the feeling of lose melt away. on the other hand, i missed my new special someone. he couldn't attend due to the long trip and work obligations. i also wished he could be by my side to meet all my old friends. i also received many comments on how happy i looked and thought it had something to do with him. so it was a full weekend of emotions and of course being so happy for my friend and hoping nothing but a long and loving marriage filled with all good things.

after a few days of wonkiness, i settled back into my SoCal life. i was eager to spend the weekend doing whatever i wanted and enjoying the beautiful beach town where i reside. on Saturday my special someone suggested an afternoon of biking around Coronado (swoon). if you aren't familiar with Coronado, its a beautiful island a short bridge drive across from SD and is filled with everything that you think a vacation town would include. we biked around, enjoyed the sites, and of course dined al fresco with a cocktail or two. sunday, i called the shots and dragged him to Temecula where i belong to a wine club. we enjoyed a tasting outside the vineyards followed by another lunch al fresco. we headed back to the city proper and i closed out the weekend with some chores and some freshly obtained wine with a neighbor.

not to continue on with my brag fest but sometimes i really think i have to pinch myself to know that this life i am living is for real! i mean i go biking around one of americas most visited tourist destinations for fun in the place where i live. sunset walks on the beach are the regular. and i have met someone that likes to enjoy all of these things with me. feeling like a lucky lady these days.

just another sunset... 

biking around Coronado with my Special Someone... Kyle 

me and the beautiful bride 

having a couple of laughs with old friends 

lila is pretty spoiled by daily sunsets too

PS. If I didn't have enough already... I picked up another hobby... photography. Just got my first DSLR and these pics are courtesy of! Still a lot to learn but having fun with it so far! 



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