Tuesday, May 27, 2014

the real deal on teaching

so i have been teaching yoga for about the past three months and i am enjoying it thus far. but as i knew from teaching zumba, teaching your fav fitness craze can really can change the way you practice it yourself. right now i am teaching zumba one night, yoga one night, and yoga over lunch. first of all, since i am still working a fairly demanding full time job, i have to find the right balance of teaching for myself. of course, i need to make sure that i have time to dedicate to my job but i also need to find time to dedicate to my classes. a one hour class can quickly become a three hour time commitment. how you ask? well the hour you teach plus the hour you prep plus the hour commute time to get there early. i don't want to complain about teaching because this has always been a goal of mine and i am finally there! just sharing how my experience with teaching has been. i want to be sure to give fully to my students when i am there so not overextending myself has a huge bearing on that. i also need to find time to practice myself. yoga calms me and well i think, makes me a better person overall. i definitely hadn't made enough time for my personal practice the past couple of months and realized that quickly when i went to my favorite class on friday afternoon. i was in my groove and it felt good. i tried all sorts of fun poses to challenge myself and it also helps my teaching! i tried to let myself get out of the teaching mentality but it's nearly impossible. it was an amazing class and i am going to try to get there every week. i was able to make it to a stand up paddle board class this weekend too!

all in all teaching has been wonderful. i hope i am bringing to my students what i have received from my teachers along the way. that's karma baby. it took some juggling at first but i think i found the right balance, to get what i need to get done, to teach a few classes, and to take care of myself.



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