Sunday, July 22, 2012

Being a cry baby is cool!

So I had some other ideas for my next post but then I came across this article today and had to comment on it...

Why Crying is a Good Thing

Basically the article discusses how crying is cathartic, natural, allows us to connect to our emotions on a deeper level, and is a physical manifestation of our feelings.

Or said another way, crying is a normal, human reaction. I am cool with that. As a widow, I actually try to cry once a day, allow myself a block of time each day to cry and be sad. It helps me. I cried today hanging out around the Half Marathon, no real reason but just got all teary eyed.

But when with someone else, crying makes the other person upset. Then the cryer becomes more concerned with the other person's reaction to the crying, not wanting to make them upset And then the crying and the emotions become about something completely different.

From today's meditative reading in Healing after loss a story is told of a little girl who got home from visiting her friend later than her mother had expected. When her mother asked the reason for the delay, the child said, "I was helping Jane. Her doll broke."

The mother asked, "Did you help her fix it?"

The child said, "No, I helped her cry."

So I am putting it out there... widows cry and they cry a lot. Don't be alarmed if one spontaneously combusts into tears. No need to ask why, its pretty self-explanatory, just give us a hug, tell us you love us, or simply be with us.

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