Wednesday, July 25, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things...

I have to admit, I haven't been into my normal yoga routine lately...pretty much since I posted about just listening to your body well now it's time to stop going with the flow and figuring out what the problem is. And I am still have not started to feel better since our wedding anniversary. After talking to my support group last night, that's normal. The support group moderator also shared that even though it feels like I was pushed back to early in my grief journey, I am still moving forward. That feeling down is part of it all and helps you in the end. I believe this but it doesn't make it any easier to be stuck in the rut of blah.

I have been craving a pure happy moment, a let yourself go, smile so hard it hurts, laugh out loud moment . It just seems there haven't been any in awhile and these moments aren't exactly easy to manufacture right now. There have certainly been some moments of contentment but I just can't seem to pass over that hump into light and happiness.

I was thinking about my yoga practice late last week and I realized I hadn't been going to my normal classes with the intensity that I usually do. I had gone to some other amazing events like Yoga in Millennium Park but not my usual vinyasa flowin sweat sessions. So I went back to my normal class at CorePower, C2, on Monday.

I had planned to go to a later class that evening but a condo meeting came up so I went earlier. i wasn't pleased that my plans for the night had been changed but I went with the change and thankfully one of my fav teachers led the class. She talked about some things going on her life at the beginning of class and invited the class to share in her intention which was, spend time on those things that make you happy, let go of that which doesn't. Sometimes it mystifies me how a teachers suggested he intention of a class can totally fit my day or situation and I was definitely mystified on Monday. This is exactly what I need to focus on. I embraced the intention and focused on having fun and being happy during class. We played quite a bit and I had a blast getting into crow and headstand (against the mirror but I will have it by the end of the year!).

So I started thinking about what else makes me happy. Going through grief, you need to know what has the best chance of bringing you a moment of happiness. So I am putting together a list of my favorite things. Those things and activities that can usually allow me to live in the moment and share a smile.  In support group, we agree to never tell another widow you should do this or should do that but hopefully someone reads this, tries something new, and lets go for a moment. And, it goes without saying Yoga is numero uno on this list clearly since I dedicated a blog to it! Here goes (in no particular order with more posts to come)...

1. Farmer's Markets

Living in Chicago, you might not associate city living with fresh markets and farms but there is a farmer's market every day in here. I can walk to two from my office and usually go to at least one to pick up some fresh items for the week, planning to go tomorrow. There is a larger market every Saturday, Green City Market, which my Mom and I biked to after yoga this past weekend. We had so much fun getting something to eat after yoga and a bike ride, listening to some drum beats while kids danced, and picking out some cheeses, fruits, and veggies to enjoy.

Matt and I had biked down to this market a couple of times together so it also brought back good memories. When I would go to a market during the week, I would give him a call to ask what he wanted for dinner. He loved when I brought home a loaf of fresh bread. Typically he would be slightly annoyed with the amounts of stuff that I brought home knowing there was no way I could eat everything I bought before going bad. I miss cooking dinner with him so much. Of course we visited the Madison farmer's market by the Capital Building to enjoy plenty of Wisconsin goods and cheesy bread.

What do I typically buy there? Anything that strikes my fancy... my latest obsession? Peaches, grumpy goat cheese, and flowers. I always have fresh flowers at my house so those are a frequent purchase.

Check out pictures from the Farmer's Market I went to with my Mom this weekend below. I also got a new camera so it was fun to experiment while walking around. Hopefully you can check out a market around you before the summer is over!

Om Shanti,


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