Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day from the Widowed Yogi

I always love Mother's Day... giving homage to those ladies that do so much for us in our lives. I am very blessed to have three leading ladies in my life; my mom, my Nanny, and my aunt and I will get to spend tomorrow with two of them! Headed to Church in the early morn with Nan and then to a special Mother's Day Yoga class with my Mom followed by brunch and a pizza themed family get together. Love you ladies so much and thank you for all the support during a difficult year. All of them have always allowed me to be me and never questioned me in my healing journey. 

my Aunt, my Nan, my Mom, and Me at my brother's graduation in May 2007

A special shout out to Matt's mother, Jean, as well. He loved his Mom so much and was so thankful for everything that she did for him.

Matt and Jean in September 2007 before a wedding in Appleton

om shanti, 


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