Friday, May 10, 2013

why living with your grandma at 30 IS cool!

Somewhere in the rules of life, living with your Grandma, aka Nanny, at the age of thrirty got a bad rap. I have been proving for the past month that this is a viscious lie. But please note this theory should be under no circumstances be considered by thrity something men for which living with your grandma is under NO circumstances cool (jk... kind of). 

Over the past couple of weeks, I have also gotten this question quite a bit, "So what exactly do you do all day?" Well here it is and afterwards you are going to realize why living with your Nanny isn't bad at all. 

7 - 9am: Wake up whenever my heart desires and meditate. Make morning power smoothie (almond milk, almond butter, bananas, chia seeds, and raw cocoa poswer) and catch up on email, Facebook, Pinterest, and Bloglovin.

9 - 11am: Yoga or Zumba Class

11am - 12.30pm: Get ready for the day

12.30 - 1.30pm: Young and the Restless and lunch. Not going to lie, the day really revolves the show. As Nanny quotes, "This soap has been in our family for years".

1.30 - 5.00pm: Various Afternoon activities which could include;

  • Going to the grocery store for healthy smoothie ingredients and then making healthy smoothies 
  • Write blogs and books 
  • Shop the LC collection at Kohl's before the no shopping pact
  • Watch the Sex and City Ladies Who Lunch Marathon which is on everyday! 
  • Lay in my new lounge chair in the backyard and read books
  • Take care of actual adult business
  • Catch up on Social Media... a lot can happen in a few hours! 
  • Hiking with my Mom and the dogs

5 - 6pm: Evening run with Lila

6 - 7pm: Try new vegan recipe for dinner

7 - 9pm: Watch American Idol or the Voice with Nanny. While watching paint nails or one last sweep of Social Media outlets. 

9 - 10pm: Hit the hay

There you have it. Not so bad right? Of course there are some special events thrown in like a baseball games with family or dinner out with old friends. One thing is for sure I do keep busy. I often hear people say, "I would get so bored if I didn't work." I am not one of those people and have been running around keeping myself occupied for the past month most recently getting everything lined up for the move. After looking at my daily schedule, it's evident that I spend a lot of time on Social Media. While it can sometimes be pointless, I am  thinking about and researching how to start my yoga business so I consider this my "work" at the moment. I guess really my job is to enjoy the moment and spend time with my family and friends. I feel so lucky that I am able to take this break from the stresses of everyday life to enjoy them especially with my Nanny. Gotta run... Nanny just made my breakfast!

Nanny trying on her new hat for High Tea with the Leisure Club



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  1. Well it doesn't hurt that you have a very cool grandma! :)