Monday, May 6, 2013

The Monday Meltdown

It's time to melt it down again after another exceptional weekend filled with dinners, markets, hikes, and celebrations. The Pact is going really well and I haven't bought anything in the first week! I will admit that I almost made a last minute trip to Kohl's to hit up the LC Collection with my coupons but decided that really went against what I was trying to accomplish. I also realized that I have PLENTY of shirts to wear while I am away from my full wardrobe. Plus I have a sneaky suspicion that I am going to have some duplicates once my clothes arrive in SD. Sticking to the Pact has felt great and I am one step closer to living more simply. 

I have been reading more into cultured vegetables in the Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates and really got into that this weekend. My teacher for the Yoga of Food also raved about cultured veg! What exactly are cultured veggies? Well basically saukeraut without the preservatives, definitely not the stuff you typically put on your brats. And what are the benefits? There are tons including; putting good bacteria back into your digestion system, improving digestion, increasing longevity, controlling cravings for sweets, and cleansing. Typically I put a spoonful or two of the kraut into whatever I am eating. The kraut with the cultures will always be found in the refrigerated section so the stuff can live. I did however go overboard on the fermented foods as I think it will take me quite some time to eat three jars of it. I plan to pack an arsenal of healthy foods as I head across the country so this won't go to waste. You can also make cultured veggies on your own but I will leave that until I am in my own kitchen. So far I have felt great and with one eighth of a jar down and two more to go I will be able to give a full report on the benefits soon! 

I am also starting an Ayurvedic Cleanse this week! Talk to any sort of nutrionist or dietician and they will tell you spring is the best time to cleanse and get those toxins out! Ayurveda is unique in that it works with your body type or dosha (check out a dosha quiz here to find yours... Everytime I have done one of these quizzes, I have been labeled a Pitta. My clense includes a one hour consultation so it will be interesting to see what a trained professional tells me. Again putting this out to the blog world to hold me accountable! 

There's the meltdown. I will leave you with two pictures. The first is of Lila and I hiking in the area. And the second, a picture from my brother's graduation celebration. He graduated this weekend from Ohio State with his Masters in Nuclear Engineering. I really don't know what his major means but I know it means he is damn smart! 

Also, don't forget that May is Brain Tumor Awareness month... please think about a way you might be able to support the cause as there is so much research that needs to be done to fight this awful beast!



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