Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Plan B

I have been wanting to post this for quite some time now as I have been working on "Plan B" for awhile but I had to wait until a few more things were in place before I could. So here goes, my Plan B. 

The plan is to take some time off and eventually move out West. I love Chicago and it has been good to me but it will always be Matt and I's city in my heart. I met Matt about a month after I moved here and he helped me navigate the city at first which included numerous frantic calls wondering where I was and how do I get to where I am going. Then it became our home as we moved in together and eventually bought our first place and married. I could continue to live here and enjoy it but it's time for new surroundings and a change of energy. 

Eventually I plan to move to San Diego but not until I travel across the world for a couple of months. I will first head to San Diego to check out some places and then drive up to LA with my Mom to attend the LA Zumba Conference. From LA I will be flying to Australia to stay with one of Matt's best friends from Wisconsin and his lovely wife. Another friend from Appleton will be visiting while I am so it will be a trip down under Sconie style!  

After spending about two weeks there I am headed to Bali for a one month yoga teacher training. I will be staying in Ubud but I am sure I will be doing some traveling while I am in the training. I also have some time after the training to travel as well. 

Once I get back, I plan to make the journey out west and settle in San Diego. I am going to drive out there with Lila and I am looking forward to making stops across the nation. Matt once made the drive across our great country and I look forward to doing the same in his beloved Audi. 

As far as choosing San Diego? I have visited there a couple of times and always wondered, "why don't I live here?" The last trip Matt and I made together was to San Diego for a friend's wedding. Sitting on the beaches of SoCal with him are some very good memories and of course always hitting up In and Out Burger. One of my best friends from grade school lives there with her family and I can't wait to live in the same city as her again. A few of Matt's friends live there as well and hopefully they will invite me to a party or two ;)  

So that's it! I hatched this up many months ago and thought about it for awhile before putting the actual logistics in place. It's all set now, just need to rent out the condo so if you know of anyone looking for a 2 bed/2 bath in Chicago's north side, let me know!

Yep, it's a pretty great plan and I am allowing my heart take me where it wants. Having something to look forward to and organize has given me the gift of waking up excited about each new day again. I am so thankful that I have received so much support in discussing Plan B with family, friends, counselors, and co-workers. I am fortunate that no one has ever said, "are you crazy?" or "are you sure you want to do this?" because frankly, I have thought that a few times. I have been met with nothing but hope and excitement about this new adventure in life and for that I am truly grateful. However there has been a response that has made me cringe although I know it comes from a good place. Please don't say your jealous. I mean I get it... who doesn't want to quit their job to take off for warmer weather across the world? But I am only doing this because my Plan A, the life plan that I wanted and built with Matt didn't work out. I wanted the boring life of 1.5 kids and a picket fence but as we all know some of the best laid plans just don't happen. Right now, this feels to be the next best thing for me. So please share your excitement and your hope for me but please don't say your jealous because all I can think of is how much I had to go through to get to this plan. 

I simply can't wait to see where this takes me and I look forward to you taking this journey with me via blogspot. Heading out of the Windy City the last week of January... let the going away party planning begin! 


Your Soon to be West Coast Widowed Certified Yogi 

Matt and I in San Diego August 2011 

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